Volley disc "Soft" red


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Volley disc "Soft" - The softies among the throwing discs!

The "Soft Saucer" volley disc is an excellent throwing disc for schools and clubs. The lightweight soft throwing disc is made of soft, open-cell foam. This has several advantages: If a child is hit while playing, it does not hurt. It is also gentle on furniture, doors and windows. The throwing discs fly a little slower due to their low weight. This means that every child can be successful - ideal for inclusive schools. However, the discs should not be used in water due to the open-pored plastic, as they will soak up water or be left outside.

For active play

The "Soft Saucer" volley disc is a must-have for any school or children's sports club: The colourful soft saucer is very challenging. Thanks to the slower speed, the kids quickly experience a sense of achievement. During the break, children can really let off steam and use their free time for activity. The soft disc is also popular in sports clubs for throwing and catching games.

Introduce children to the joy of throwing and catching and order the "Soft Saucer" volley disc now.


  • With single-colour print
  • With very good flight characteristics
  • No injuries, as very soft
  • For indoor and outdoor use
Color: red