Store rackets correctly

Please treat your table tennis racket with care when you are not playing with it. Your racket performs at a high level during your matches, so it should be well rested when not in use.

Cover, cover, cover

The table tennis covers or corresponding cases are an integral part of the equipment and should never be missing. Both reliably protect your racket from environmental influences as well as thermal and mechanical stress. Covers don't cost much and we recommend buying one when you buy your racket (if you don't already have one). Covers and cases are available in many colours and shapes and for one or more bats. Please always store your clean table tennis racket in a cover or case when you are not playing with it!

The components of your racket do not like being exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Therefore, please do not store your racket in the car, garage, attic or cellar. It is best to store your racket at room temperature.

Rubber protective films offer very good additional protection during storage. These useful aids are available in self-adhesive, non-adhesive and bag versions. With a rubber protection film, your rubbers are also very well protected against moisture, atmospheric oxygen and heat and the durability of your rubbers is extended.

Clean your racket properly

Do I really need a cleaner for my rubbers and what are the benefits? To answer this question, here is some general information about the cleaner and handling.

Does it have to be a table tennis cleaner?

As you may have seen at training sessions or matches, some players use home-made cleaning mixtures (washing-up liquid, glass cleaner or spirit diluted with plenty of water). These mixtures are not recommended as they can damage the sensitive surface of the rubbers and the durability of the rubbers suffers greatly as a result. A table tennis cleaner consists of special solvents that gently clean the surface of your rubbers and thus optimise their durability.

Function of the cleaner

The cleaner for table tennis rubbers is important for the care of your rubbers by removing dirt and dust. The purpose of cleaning is to maintain the grip and your optimum playing characteristics.

How are the cleaners used?

Simply spray the cleaner onto your base and wipe dry with a clean sponge. It is important that you do not rub dry too hard, as this can damage the surface.

How often should I clean the rubber?

This depends on the duration and intensity of your game. There are players who clean the rubbers after every single game and some players only after every training session. You also need to consider the conditions in the hall: If the hall tends to be a little dustier, then you should clean the rubbers regularly.

Which rubbers is the cleaner suitable for?

You can use the cleaner with all common pips in rubbers. The cleaner is not suitable for short or long pimples.


You should clean your rubbers regularly in order to optimise their properties and extend their service life. Which cleaner you choose, whether spray bottle or sponge applicator, is up to you and your personal preferences.