CONTRA as an employer

Contra-Sport Tischtennis Service Koschnick & Sohns GmbH is one of the largest mail order companies for table tennis articles in Europe. More than 65 shops in Germany and Europe are supplied with high-quality table tennis articles of national and international brands and manufacturers by our warehouse and administration centre in Henstedt-Ulzburg.

Approx. 30 employees ensure a fast and reliable service and dispatch of the wide and deep assortment. CONTRA is an owner-managed company that has been developing steadily since 1980 and has established itself extremely solidly. CONTRA is open to meaningful and important developments and processes. The CONTRA team has made their common passion for the sport of table tennis their profession and is looking forward to every support and every new employee.

CONTRA is family friendly

At CONTRA, family friendliness is part of our corporate culture. We are convinced that family, private life and work can be combined in a modern employment relationship and place particular emphasis on this. When you take up a position at CONTRA, you can rely on us to find solutions together when your family is in need and needs you. We create the conditions so that you can also work in a home office if necessary. When planning holidays, we naturally take family interests into account, such as the children's school holidays. CONTRA is a family business that knows and promotes the value of family.

We are looking for employees and colleagues who want to grow together with us and contribute to the further development of table tennis in Germany and around the world.

To work at CONTRA, it is a prerequisite to have fluent German language skills. If you are interested in a job at CONTRA, we would like to ask you to read the German-language job adverts here.