Dr. Neubauer Rubber A-B-S 2 Pro

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Dr. Neubauer Rubber A-B-S 2 Pro
Dr. Neubauer Rubber A-B-S 2 Pro - Control and disruptive effect for the progressive smooth-anti game This new version was developed together with SpinAssociated from Italy, it is a bit more versatile than our proven Glatt-Anti rubber A-B-S 2 EVO. While the A-B-S 2 EVO is characterized above all by a very hard stroke and maximum spin reversal, the somewhat softer and not quite as slow sponge (thickness: 2.0mm) of the new A-B-S 2 PRO offers high control values ​​and overall more variable playing options. A-B-S 2 PRO still makes it possible to return the ball with a passive block on high-rotation topspin balls with very good spin reversal. In contrast to most of the other slow Glatt-Antis on the market, with the A-B-S 2 PRO it is also possible to execute an active block ball by lightly "counter-pressing" when making contact with the ball. The ball produced here also has a good spin reversal, but gives the opponent a little less time to react. Short, slow blockballs and faster, pressed returns can thus be played alternately in order to confuse the opponent. Thanks to the slightly more sensitive sponge, control is at a high level in all areas. All classic Glatt-Anti-attack techniques such as pushing and lifting can be carried out with noticeably more ease than with most of the other Glatt-Antis on the market. A-B-S 2 PRO thus offers the opportunity not only to "disturb", but also to take the initiative. Available with a new type of dampening sponge with a single thickness of 2.0mm. An adhesive film is already pre-assembled.
T 52,
K 94,
E 110