GEWO Shorts Gandia

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GEWO Shorts Gandia
GEWO Shorts Gandia These shorts are made for you if you want to cut a really casual figure in the summer. Light grey French terry sweat is timeless casual wear chic for 1001 nights and days and many more ventures. These shorts are for chilling and working out and barbecuing and strolling. The leg length of these shorts is just right, we have optimised the cut so that the length is not too short and not too long, but just right. The workmanship is very good, we have added a little elastane to the cotton so that the shorts stay in good shape for a long time and can withstand a few washes. As part of the Gandia series, the shorts round off the whole set a little more and ensure wearability even when long trousers don't fit. Order this streetwear classic today and look forward to summer even more. GEWO Gandia clothing series For our Gandia clothing series, we have reached deep into the classic box. Look forward to a light grey sweat collection that everyone should have in their wardrobe or training bag. The cool streetwear look with a Rocky attitude has made it onto the catwalks of haute couture shows and the world of fashion is unimaginable without it. The soft fabric on the outside with cosy pile on the inside goes back to the 20s. A football player simply didn't want to play in wool that scratched and was totally uncomfortable anymore, so he invented sweat and made many athletes' lives easier. The fluffy inner pile of sweat fabrics is achieved by roughening the inside. However, the fluffy effect wears off with wear, which means that comfort and warmth decrease. Sweat fabrics without a roughened inside are called frenche terry. These fabrics remain stable for longer in terms of wearing comfort. Our Gandia series is made of French Terry and has outgrown the classification of sportswear and can confidently be counted as casual wear. This collection stands for universal, casual outfits that work on the couch, on a date, in a video call or during a workout. We've tailored the Gandia set to include a hoddie, sweatpants, jogging shorts and a matching cotton t-shirt that work alone in different combinations with everyday clothes. If you order the whole set, you'll get a high quality and durable carefree package for an endless number of occasions to wear these relaxed garments. AMERICAN TERRY 80%COTTON 20%POLYESTER
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