Become a CONTRA ambassador and benefit

Brand ambassadors have a positive influence on how a company or brand is perceived. They are promoters who tell acquaintances, friends, colleagues, family and, in the best case, via social media, about the good experiences they have had with a company (a brand). In this way, you increase the awareness of a company and contribute to spreading its good reputation.

If you are a convinced and enthusiastic CONTRA customer who appreciates the range of goods and services and would like to contribute to the further development of CONTRA and table tennis, please do not hesitate to let us know. Just call us: telephone +49 4193 99180, write us an e-mail at: or use the: contact form uand tell us about your wish to become a CONTRA brand ambassador.

CONTRA brand ambassadors regularly benefit from exclusive offers, promotions and discounts. In addition, we can offer brand ambassadors who are also collective customers attractive regular discounts on their orders. You have the option to choose one of two brand ambassador levels. If you decide to become a Brand Ambassador and a Collective Buyer, the volume of your orders will determine which regular discount you will receive on your orders. In total, our brand ambassador model provides for three groups.

The brand ambassador

CONTRA regularly publishes printed flyers and catalogues. As a brand ambassador for CONTRA, you will receive 15 copies each time to distribute or display in a suitable place such as in the hall at training or at the tournament. As a thank you, you will receive exclusive offers from CONTRA for pre-selected articles from the CONTRA range and discounts for selected product groups or quantities.