CATALOGUE 2022/2023

Everything for your successful table tennis on 168 pages!

Thank you for your interest in our catalogue. Our catalogue gives you a good overview of the products you can buy at CONTRA. You can look forward to 168 full pages and around 2000 table tennis products. Please note that the prices in the printed catalogue are not updated daily and that the availability of goods is not shown in the catalogue. Please research, compare prices, inform yourself extensively and shop online at!

Do you like browsing through a traditional catalogue better than surfing through an online shop? Would you like to download a print catalogue as a PDF file and save it locally on your computer? Then use our flip catalogue PDF file or download the catalogue directly to your device.

Please note: The current catalogue for the 2022/2023 season is unfortunately out of stock and can no longer be ordered and delivered. We ask for your understanding.