GEWO Bat PS Blast Junior   flared

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GEWO Bat PS Blast Junior flared
PS Blast Junior - High-quality all-round racket with good offensive properties This table tennis ready racket is ideal for children and teenagers who want to expand their existing table tennis experience and rely on high quality. The adapted size of the handle and racket blade ensures a great gaming experience and a better grip. Control, speed and spin This table tennis ready racket is specially designed for children and teenagers with its smaller handles. The Blast Junior racket is ideal for experienced advanced users with safe ball control and high playing dynamics. Controlled CS Powerspeed rubber The GEWO CS Powerspeed rubber is ITTF approved and offers a high level of fun with its non-slip surface. The sticky, elastic upper rubber of the ITTF-approved pimple inner rubber has good rotation properties for strong spin. Sturdy blade with smaller handle The specially glued, selected layers of wood give the racket a good hardness and thus a high level of control over the game. The light weight of the racket and smaller handle make it perfect for younger players. The flared handle with Sensitise grip also fits extremely well in the hand. Catapult Effect The special combination of selected wood veneers as well as pimples inner rubber with 1.8 mm sponge make this racket perfect for a fast offensive game with lots of spin but also high control. Long-lasting fun For long-lasting fun at a professional level with permanent speed and spin, we recommend cleaning the racket after each use. Controlled offensive racket in professional quality CS Powerspeed rubbers with 1.8 mm sponge SENSITISE GRIP for safe handling ITTF approved competition racket Smaller handle, ideal for children and teenagers
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K 88,
E 85

GEWO School Sport TT-Set II

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GEWO School Sport TT-Set II
GEWO School Sport TT-Set II With this special offer, GEWO wants to make it easier for schools and clubs to enter table tennis. This high-quality, low-cost offer helps schools create active breaks and / or afternoon care. It also helps to relieve teachers and ensure happy and busy students. This set includes the following items: 16x GEWO Bat Rave Game GEWO racket Rave Game: Very good table tennis racket for the advanced beginners and hobby players The GEWO RAVE GAME with 2.0 mm thick GEWO RAVER rubbers guarantees fast shots with very good control. The handle design of the GEWO SENSETISE-Grip-System provides an intense grip and keeps the racket in the hand. Technical specifications GEWO RAVE GAME table tennis rackets with GEWO RAVER rubber beginner toppings The GEWO RAVE GAME table tennis racket consists of 5 specially-glued plywood veneers The sponge thickness of the GEWO RAVE GAME table tennis racket is 2.0 mm The GEWO SENSETISE-Grip-System guarantees an intense grip The GEWO RAVE Game weighs 160 grams 2x GEWO Ball Training Club 40+** 72er Practice ball, poly (ABS), with seam. No more insecurity. The GEWO Ball Training Club 40+ ** distinguishes itself by consistent bouncing, highly precise trajectories and optimum hardness. Ideal for young player training, multi-ball, and robot practice sessions. Ball featuring unbeatable price-performance ratio, consistent spin and bouncing characteristics and long life (“Optimized Hardness and Durability”). Meets the highest demands made on a practice ball! Sophisticated design and production based on the latest ITTF-compliant raw material, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer (ABS).

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