GEWO Blade Dynatec ZV Power

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GEWO Blade Dynatec ZV Power
Now available with additional tickness and weigt as Dynatec ZV! With this slightly thicker and heavier version (total thickness: 7.5mm instead of 6.9mm / Weight: 97 gr. instead of 88 gr.) you get additional speed and power without losing the basic advantages of this extraordinary vibration free blade. Full power, full control! With Dynatec ZV (Zero Vibration), GEWO is introducing a new Off blade generation. The veneers are manufactured by a specialized German veneer supplier who used their wide range of know-how in the R&D-process for the development of this new type of blade. In the GEWO blade factory, the veneers were finally finished to form Dynatec ZV, meaning that the blade had to pass various production steps in several countries, from development and production of the veneers to the final manufacturing steps. The goal was to obtain consistent playing features and minimize interfering vibration. In this production process, a special "Zero Vibration" component was applied directly on top of the abachi core ply. This ply absorbs vibration providing for an absolutely vibration-free blade and a larger sweet spot for more playing fun. Both in fast topspin rallies and in passive situations Dynatec ZV demonstrates its impressive speed potential at almost unbelievable control. The two outer plies are made of cross-bonded spruce veneers of a thickness of 0.8mm each. You will feel the direct ball feedback especially in critical situations. This blade is produced in very small batches and will fascinate you from the very beginning - Will it be love at first sight?
T 96,
K 100+

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