The practical overview

Dear table tennis friends, by popular request, the material experts of CONTRA have come together and revised the popular material guide. On a total of 17 pages, we have compiled all possible and important information and evaluations on the topics of blades, rubbers, playing equipment and playing strategy and clearly prepared them for you in 3 parts. After downloading the CONTRA material guide, you will have a good overview of all available blades and rubbers at hand, which you can print out or save on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The practical guide is then always at your disposal, regardless of whether you are online or offline.

Note: The material guide is only available in German.

The material guide will serve you well to confirm your decisions for a certain wood or covering, or it can show you alternatives and inspire you if you want to change or adapt your material. CONTRAS material guide is available as a PDF file and can be downloaded by clicking on the small image or the link.