GEWO Sportsbag Spy grey/red

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GEWO Sportsbag Spy grey/red
GEWO Spy Bag series The new GEWO Spy Bag series is the ultimate choice for table tennis players who value style, functionality and durability. Every detail has been carefully considered and fulfills the contemporary needs of dedicated players. The Spy series bags are made from a high quality dark grey fabric that is timelessly understated yet appealing. The rubberized red GEWO logo provides a counterpoint and skillfully sets a colourful accent. The zip made of robust black plastic is very sturdy but unobtrusive and rounds off the design of the entire series perfectly. With the Spy bag series, we offer you and your equipment a high-quality, sporty look in keeping with the times. Less is sometimes more, and with this Spy bag series it is definitely more. GEWO Sportsbag Spy The Spy sports bag in sporty, elegant dark grey is a true all-rounder. With enough space for all the items you need for your game, it leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you're training, competing or traveling, - this bag adapts flexibly to your needs, just like you adapt when playing against your opponents. The spacious interior offers enough room for your sports equipment, while a shoe compartment on the side keeps your shoes separate, and a small outer pocket keeps your most important items close at hand. But that's not all the advantages: The robust material and hard-wearing zip ensure a long service life, while the matt black plastic at the bottom protects your equipment from moisture and dirt. With its elegant, sporty style, the Spy sports bag is the flagship of the range. Size: ca. 65 x 32 x 32 cm