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Victas Rubber VO > 102

The VO > 102 rubber is one of the latest innovations made by VICTAS. The geometry of the short and s... More details
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Victas Rubber VO > 102, 2,0 mm, black
min. 2 Pieces
EUR 31.92
min. 10 Pieces
EUR 29.92
Out of stock
Delivery-Time 1–4 Working Days
Characteristics Offensiv
Rubber-Type Short Pimple
Rubber-Hardness Soft +
Speed 104
Control 90
Spin 90
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price per unit
EUR 39.90

Out of stock

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The VO > 102 rubber is one of the latest innovations made by VICTAS. The geometry of the short and slightly wider pimples of this High Energy Tension pips-out rubber was optimized in a way that will enable you to create your own effective spin variations. The new pips design will also provide for direct ball feedback and excellent control.

With the combination of an elastic sponge, High Energy Tension Technology, plus a pips-out top rubber sheet which is made for speed, VO > 102 offers playing characteristics that will be an inspiration even for absolute top players. Benefit from the experience of our Japanese pips-out experts and German rubber design know-how (GJ Tec).
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