Skipping rope "Speed-Rope" red


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Max. Rope Length:
  • 2,13m
    Stock: 4
  • 2,43m
    Stock: 6
  • 2,74m
    Stock: 1


The skipping rope "Speed Rope": The effective equipment for every skipping pro!

Important: To determine the optimum rope length, add 90cm to your height.

The skipping rope "Speed Rope" consists of an elasticated PVC band. Thanks to its material properties, you can achieve high speeds with the rope. Practical: The rope length can be individually adjusted to suit your needs. The jump ropes are fitted with a plastic fastener at the ends. Simply undo the fastener to shorten the ropes to the desired length with a pair of scissors. After shortening, replace the fastener so that the rope has a firm hold in the handles.

Train your fitness, rhythm and sense of balance!

Fitness training with a skipping rope is one of the most effective ways to improve fitness and coordination. Skipping also improves speed, helps you lose weight and burns fat. In combination with a healthy diet, skipping rope leads to a toned, slim figure. As skipping uses almost every muscle in the body, it is a popular exercise for many different sports. Special extra: skipping ropes guarantee that you can train anytime and almost anywhere.

The "Speed Rope" is the ideal skipping rope for schools and clubs, recreational and competitive sports.


  • Best material properties for high speed
  • Individually adjustable rope length
  • Each length in a uniform colour:
  • Red: 2,13m
  • Blue: 2,43m
  • Yellow: 2,74m