GEWO Rubber Inventus XT Pro 50.0 red 2,0 mm


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Sponge Thickness:
  • 2,0 mm
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  • 2,3 mm
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The GEWO Inventus rubber series marks another milestone in the success story of GEWO high-performance rubbers. Thanks to innovative surface technology (Longer Trajectory Touch - LTT) this rubber produces maximum spin plus an incredible feel and the ability to control the ball a little longer, thus extending the ball's trajectory. This enhancement significantly improves ball control and provides optimized feel for the ball in all situations requiring "touch play," all while retaining the speed reserves you need. The perfect combination of a flexible, highly grippy top rubber and an absolute high-performance sponge allows for tremendous acceleration potential and ensures a more direct energy transfer on all offensive shots, such as the crucial counter topspin near the table or from mid-distance. What seemed unthinkable before has become reality because, as the name Inventus promises, we have found the right solution: Played balls can be controlled a little longer without any loss of speed.

This synergy is made possible and optimized by the new gluing technology DETT (Direct Energy Transmission Technology) in combination with the Longer Trajectory Touch Technology (LTT). GEWO Inventus is a more harmonious and at the same time more efficient combination of speed, rotation, and acceleration without having to compromise on feeling and control.

GEWO Inventus XT Pro 50.0

The GEWO Inventus XT Pro offers a more compact and direct feel with its 50°hardness variant compared to the 47.5° hardness version, yet still allows for controlled and spin-oriented play when necessary during a match. The power-loaded sponge enables quick transitions into all offensive strategies and, thanks to the combination of DETT technology and LTT technology, always provides the necessary control and spin values to stay in control of the game and determine the course of play.

Player type / features:

  • Ideal for swiftly transitioning from more passive strokes to point-winning attacking
  • Great for players who need a harder sponge for their attacking but still seek maximum touch and spin
  • Perfect for players aiming to seamlessly integrate speed, spin, and touchplay for optimum performance


The new LTT (Longer Trajectory Touch) surface technology cleverly applies a more flexible, highly grippy top rubber with slightly spaced-out pimples under tension. This setup ensures that during more passive strokes, the longer ball contact time and incredible spin potential greatly enhance control, while still maintaining the necessary speed reserves for explosive attacking shots. Thanks to LTT technology, players can now opt for harder sponges without fearing loss of control or the absence of touch for passive strokes.


In Direct Energy Transmission Technology (DETT), the sponge cells in the rubber sheet are more compact and additionally subjected to tremendous tension. This allows for a more direct energy transfer to the ball, significantly increasing speed and catapult values. Counter-topspins become more efficient and easier to play, even if you fail to hit the ball at its highest point. Ball trajectory remains flat enough to make it arrive even faster on the opponent's side, giving the opponent even less reaction time.

H-Touch DGC40+ 3.0

In the further development of the successful DGC40+ and DGC 40+ 2.0 technologies, our goal was to add a new ingredient to the benefits of both: Consistency and reliability at the point of ball contact have been enhanced once again, enabling the player to maintain control over the ball for extended durations without compromising on speed or spin. The new H-Touch DGC 40+ 3.0 surface offers more speed and rotation options, even at maximum speed levels. Shorter and more explosive strokes are even better supported, and the harmonious combination of GEWO high-performance sponges with the ingenious surface structure of H-Touch DGC 40+ rubbers gives the player the necessary confidence to play faster and more aggressively without increasing their own error rate. Even slightly mistimed or suboptimal shots can exert significant pressure on your opponent's side, potentially resulting in gaining points. There's no stopping now!

FlexTech 2.0

The flexible sponge/rubber design FLEX-TECH 2.0 (XT), crafted specifically for GEWO, demonstrates impressive base speed. Rubbers from the XT series, featuring the H-Touch DGC 40+ 3.0 surface, transform the speed of the opponent's topspin, into self-energy and release it catapult-like when leaving the bat. The pimples on the rubber sheet are arranged further apart and are slightly narrower than on EL rubbers. These rubbers primarily focus on speed.

Rubber Category: Pimples In
Characteristics: OF/OF+
sponge hardness: Hard
Speed: 132
Control: 85
Spin: 125
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