GEWO Rubber Elaxxon eFT 45.0 red 1,9 mm


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The globally successful introduction of NEAS sponges (New Efficiency Active System), combined with the proven eTec (Eco Boost) technology, has made the GEWO Neoflexx series an absolute bestseller in the category of versatile, easy-to-play rubbers that aren't too fast. The overwhelmingly positive feedback has inspired us to develop a new generation of rubbers that offer even higher speed and spin values without neglecting the focus on ease of play and controllability. Especially younger players or those wishing for a bit more speed and variation without sacrificing too much control will enjoy the new GEWO Elaxxon eFT variants.

Countless hours of testing and meetings resulted in a rubber composition that stands out: GEWO Elaxxon eFT!

GEWO Elaxxon eFT 45.0

The slightly softer version of the GEWO Elaxxon eFT sponge provides a comfortable and flexible feel, ensuring you have the necessary response in every rally. The moderate speed gives you the confidence to shine both in passive and active situations. The fine tuning of the 45° hardness medium sponge with the flexible top rubber allows offensive all-rounders and ambitious young players to fully utilize their potential.

Player type / features:

  • eGrip provides increased spin and control values without excessive susceptibility to spin
  • With the 45° hardness sponge version, even better all-round offensive options are available while maintaining the pleasant and flexible playing feel
  • Ideal for players seeking a moderate and not too hard offensive rubber that effectively supports all strokes in their repertoire


"eco(nomic) boost for your match" was clearly at the heart of this rubber series. The centerpiece of this generation was the perfect combination of a flexible-dynamic sponge with a grippy surface and a newly arranged pimple structure. For the harder rubbers (45° / 48° / 50°), the focus was on speed (eSpeed), without sacrificing control. For the softer rubber (40°), the focus was on spin. eGrip / eSpeed / eSpin - optimum performance in the game.


The new key to success with speed, spin, and fun! Benefit from reliable ball coupling, high control, and spin values in every match situation, enhancing the quality and stability of all your strokes. The new eGrip technology makes you the master of rallies!

DGC40+ 2.0

One key factor contributing to the successful launch of GEWO rubbers was the development of the innovative DGC40+ surface technology which stands for consistent and reliable coupling at the ball contact point. In addition, thanks to its grippy surface structure it prevents the ball from “slipping”. With the introduction of the latest ball generations (e.g., GEWO Select Pro 40+ ***), further development and adjustment of the surfaces are essential. The DGC40+ "Dynamic-Grip-Concept" 2.0 was born. The surface was developed and refined specifically for the requirements of the latest ball generation. There's no stopping now!

Rubber Category: Pimples In
Characteristics: OF
sponge hardness: Medium
Speed: 104
Control: 96
Spin: 115
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