GEWO Robot Omega Nexxt / demonstration device


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GEWO Robot Omega Nexxt - Little used demonstration device, fully functional. Shipment may be without original packaging! Including 2 years guarantee.

Important! Please only use balls with a size of 40+mm, otherwise problems with the robot may occur. We recommend 40+ balls of the GEWO brand.

With Gewo Omega Nexxt, high-end training technology is finally available for all of us, designed to revolutionize your practice sessions on any performance level, from beginners to professionals. With its innovative and user-friendly control, the Omega Nexxt sets a new standard in the table tennis robot market. The free Power Pong app (available for iOS and Android) offers you unknown ways of planning and designing your practice sessions on your smartphone or tablet (not included); just connect your device to Gewo Omega Nexxt via Bluetooth and start practicing.

The 45 pre-programmed exercises are available once the robot is set up for the first time, so you can start practicing right away, from the most basic beginners’ techniques to complex rallies for advanced players. In the app, you will find links to example videos of all pre-programmed exercises starring young professional players showing the correct technique and execution of the exercise. Thanks to the innovative Drag & Drop control, ball placement can be adjusted to your needs easily within a few seconds. The app will calculate the required delivery height of the head automatically based on the required placement and the selected speed and spin settings. New features will be added to the Power Pong app at regular intervals.

Ready for the next level of table tennis practice?


  • Up to 120 balls per minute
  • Up to 8 balls per exercise
  • 25 different speed settings
  • 169 different spin settings
  • Individually selectable ball placement, speed spin and trajectory
  • In random mode, the order of the balls of an exercise will be randomly set.
  • With the mirror function, you can switch between left- and right-handers easily.
  • With IFC (Individual Frequency Control) you can adjust the timing between the individual balls of your exercise
  • You may also want to design your own exercise using the app
  • Share your own exercises with friends, trainers or players
  • Manage your exercises by using names, tags and the integrated search function to keep track of even hundreds of exercises
  • Sample feature to test your ball settings
  • Sufficient memory for countless exercises (depending on your terminal device)
  • 45 pre-programmed exercises
  • Interval training with defined action/rest intervals
  • Grouping feature enables you to select a group of exercises to be run in the defined order
  • Adjustable head to simulate different match situations
  • Suitable/recommended for tables with a slab thickness between 9mm and 25mm
  • Remote control included (for starting/stopping the robot and adjusting the ball delivery speed)
  • Ball collection net included

24 months warranty

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