GEWO Cover Graffiti 2


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GEWO Bat Cover Graffiti - a real eye-catcher!

Is this already art or can it be used for your table tennis racket? These racket covers are something very special. On the one hand, they reliably protect your racket from thermal and mechanical influences during transport and storage; on the other hand, these covers are real eye-catchers and design statements.

Handling is super easy, with the large 310° all-round zip you can open the cover wide and easily and have access to the inside of the cover. There is a racket compartment on the right-hand side for one racket (two rackets are also possible). The bat handle is held in place with a sturdy 2.7 cm wide rubber. The racket blade is reliably protected by a firmly integrated flap. Like the base and sides of the racket compartment, the racket blade flap is covered with a fleece that provides additional protection and also offers a cleaning effect. The workmanship of the cover is of a very high quality, as can be seen from the fact that all edges are carefully edged and hemmed.

There is a practical storage compartment on the left-hand side of the racket cover. This compartment is made of mesh material so that you can immediately see what is in the compartment. The mesh insert is closed with a zip to prevent the contents of the storage compartment from flying around in the case during transport. This keeps everything in its place and keeps the case organised.

The design of the covers is chosen so that you can always recognise your racket cover immediately or find it quickly if you are looking for it. The sleeves are an eye-catcher in the sports hall. Your team-mates may become curious, comment on the cover or even want to buy more. You can attract attention with this cover. Some of the CONTRA team were pretty excited when the first sample sleeves arrived and immediately reserved a few sleeves.

The case comes with a practical wrist strap that is attached to the case with a sturdy carabiner. This allows the cover to be carried casually like a wrist bag. The zip slider of the cover is equipped with a high-quality GEWO zipper loop made of plastic, which makes it even more convenient to use. The plastic cover can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and is easy to clean on the outside.


  • Sturdy plastic cover for one or two table tennis bats
  • Elaborate design
  • Right-hand racket compartment with sturdy rubber and racket blade flap
  • Lockable storage compartment on the left
  • 310° zip with high-quality zip loop
  • Practical wrist strap for wearing on the wrist
  • Reliable protection against thermal and mechanical influences
  • Outer shell easy to clean
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