Milky Way/Yinhe Belag Apollo II Medium 37° rot 2,1 mm

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Apollo II Soft - Another versions of the popular China rubber

The Apollo II comes in three different versions, in which the identical upper rubber is glued with different sponges. The upper rubber of the Apollo II is grippy and not sticky like the Apollo. Thus, the rubbers are more like Japanese rubbers and provide sufficient dynamics due to the factory tuning known from the Apollo.

The three versions of the Apollo II differ in sponge hardness and dynamics. The softest version is the Sound, which is particularly effetive and forgiving. The Soft is a good alternative between control and dynamics, whereas the Medium is more of an offensive package.

ATTENTION: It is imperative to glue the rubber only with solvent-free adhesive!

Belagart: Noppen Innen
Eignung: OF
Schwammhärte: Medium