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SKU : 1007

Stiga Blade Optimum Sync

Many players choose the fastest blade on the market with the idea that it will improve their offense... More details
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Stiga Blade Optimum Sync, conic

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In stock
Delivery-Time 1–4 Working Days
Characteristics Offensiv
Layers 5
Weight (g) 85
Speed 91
Control 90

Special Price EUR 39.90

Regular Price: EUR 53.90

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Many players choose the fastest blade on the market with the idea that it will improve their offense. However, experienced players realize that not only must you be able to produce lethal attacking shots, but you must also be able to defend and counter the loops and smashes of your opponent.

At STIGA, we are well aware of the need to synchronize speed and control in today's modern game. We surveyed over 30,000 experienced players to determine the ideal mixture of speed and control that today's player needs.

Using this information, we have created a new blade that is perfect for every player that realizes the need to balance offense with defense. The STIGA Optimum SYNC
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Weight (g):
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