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SKU : 5366

Stiga Blade Defensive Wood NCT

"The long wait is over. Finally, a new defensive wood timbers from the legendary builder. The defens... More details
Product Name Price Qty
Stiga Blade Defensive Wood NCT, anatomic
In stock
Delivery-Time 1–4 Working Days
Characteristics Defensiv
Layers 5
Weight (g) 75
Speed 75
Control 100
price per unit
EUR 54.90

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"The long wait is over. Finally, a new defensive wood timbers from the legendary builder. The defensive Wood NCT is a powerful timber for the strong defensive player. The handle of wood experts of the STIGA processed so much that turning the variable defensive player may at any time to ensured by-section changes for confusion.

The balanced pace can be out on the defensive at all times and operates with lots of section. Nevertheless, this blade has enough pace to offensive strikes at the right time to use. This timber contains the unique Stiga NCT technology to ensure that you get a very versatile and advanced defensive blade, which was developed for the modern defensive play.
Additional product details
Weight (g):
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