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Robot TTmatic 505 A

New dimensions in robot training - the complete know-how of 33 years table-tennis robot production i... More details
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EUR 2,348.00

price per unit
EUR 2,348.00

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New dimensions in robot training - the complete know-how of 33 years table-tennis robot production is built in this top machine. A clever digital remote control computer and the specially developed double head-system offer training perspectives, which fill every table-tennis professional with enthusiasm.TTmatic 505 A complete with net A (PROFI, fasted on the table) CharacteristicsTwo rotating heads makes possible to play with complete different strokes.For example head A backspin and head B topspin.This basic strokes can be adjust individual by hand operated equipment.PST (Power Spin Technology) makes also possible an independent adjustment of speed and spin. That's why the ball always can get his specific naturally flight. The fine adjustment take place over the knops from the electronic control desk.It is possible to play short sequences from1until 36 balls,but also a continuous operation until to a manual stop. Control Desk5 Channels - every channel has 5 knops for to adjust the different functions.1. Play from head A or B2. Speed3. Position left-right 4. Adjustment the number of balls until the change to the next channel.5. Ball frequency With a rotary switch you can select a single channels or a channel chain. If this is not enough, also you can switch on the random system.
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