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Bundle Bat Gewo Balsa Carbon with 2 Proton Neo Rubbers

You can choose between 2 offensive woods (775 and 575) and one allround wood 375.
Can be combined with everything the Proton Neo series has to offer ... More details
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Price as configured: EUR 83.95

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GEWO Balsa Carbon 375 is a modern premium-end ALL blade.
State-of-the-art materials and the soft balsa give the blade the feel and control you will need in all passive playing situations.
In addition, GEWO Balsa Carbon 375 provides sufficient power for starting your own controlled attacking any time you're ready.
Perfect blade for versatile all-rounders relying on precise placement and speed variations to win points.
Modern defenders taking every opportunity for own attacks will also be inspired.
High-tech 1K-Carbon combined with the proven balsa material provides for a larger sweet.

GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is a controlled, well-balanced OFF- blade. Ideal for spin-oriented, direct, close-to-the-table attacking.
High forgiveness on "off-centre" topspin hits. GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is just perfect for players relying on powerful, high-precision ALL/ OFF playing. Thanks to the 5.75 mm thick, vertically cut balsa centre ply, your offensive strokes will have just enough speed at full control.
Precise and well-placed attacks, high-speed topspin rallies as well as all passive strokes come easy with GEWO Balsa Carbon 575.
Ultimate "feel-good" blade thanks to the combination of soft balsa material and premium 1K-Carbon: For all players relying on powerful and controlled attacking.

GEWO Balsa Carbon 775 is a modern OFF blade featuring the latest high-tech materials.
GEWO Balsa Carbon 775 is one of the fastest blades from the GEWO blades range.
The 7.75 mm thick Balsa centre ply produces all the power and speed you need for your attacks, without neglecting control and reliability in passive situations.
The soft, vertical-cut balsa ply in combination with premium-end 1K-Carbon make the blade a true "Power Tool" for uncompromising attackers. Low-trajectory high-speed topspins and aggressive blocks will give your opponents the shivers.

Proton Neo 325:
The softest version of the Proton Neo series will be a thrill for any player preferring soft, super-elastic and controlled OFF rubbers.
You will benefit from the improved ball control, especially in passive playing situations.
GEWO Proton Neo 325 is designed for excellent control even in the most difficult situations.
The arriving speed of the ball is perfectly absorbed by the soft sponge enabling perfect control when it comes to pushing, blocking or chopping.
In attacking topspin situations, GEWO Proton Neo 375 produces unbelievable spin.

Proton Neo 375:
Feel for the play, high spin ratings and controlled speed were placed at the focus in the development of Proton Neo 375. The results are: Best-of-class speed, dynamics and spin elasticity scores. Excellent speed ratings for unbelievable variability in topsins, smashes, aggressive blocs or flips. GEWO Proton Neo 375 is medium-soft and thus provides for great feel.

Proton Neo 450:
The Premium Tension high-performance sponge provides for highly efficient spin and speed energy transfer.
This guarantees a longer and higher bounce.
Aggressive attacking, dangerous blocking and counter-attacking, variable spins or venomous smashes - anything is possible.
GEWO Proton Neo 450 is the high-end variant for powerful attacking.

Proton Neo 475:
Any improvement matters, because every single point can make the difference.

Great fun-to-play and power with the new GEWO sponge for even more efficient energy transfer into the ball. Based on experience and the advantages of the Proton Neo rubbers 325, 375 and 450, this series was developed to a new level. The result is a rubber featuring state-of-the-art rubber sheet surface technology, great sound, straight bouncing and excellent control, even in passive situations. Thanks to excellent frictional characteristics, DGC40+ technology produces significantly more tackiness for more spin.

Player type / characteristics :
- For dynamic attackers who prefer direct and precise energy transfer into the ball and rely on a good feel.
- Whether in offensive topspin play, over-the-table pushing or in passive playing situations, Proton Neo 475 will take your play to a new dimension of fun.
- Speed and spin can be varied and controlled just perfectly - the precision of placement is impressive!
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