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Leichtgewicht RB Mobil Duo

A lightweight Returnboard allows individual table tennis training in the club and in the hobby room. More details
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EUR 399.00

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A lightweight Returnboard allows individual table tennis training in the club and in the hobby room.
Two lightweight returnboards Mobil - "Returnboard DUO" - expand the training possibilities by playing different ball paths in a rally. A board can e.g. for the backhand and the second board are positioned behind the baseline with a "late block" for faster forehand balls at an appropriate distance.
With these return boards rallies can be trained. It also provides insight into personal technique through feedback on rotation, feedback on tempo, feedback on placement, and feedback on the height of the ball. With the return board training the technical level can be improved. By training with fast topspin rallies a better return stability is achieved and the footwork improved.
Training on the "Returnboard DUO" increases the requirement on the trainee. Because here, when playing on two boards with different positions to the table tennis table, the tempo, the rotation and the change of direction have to be well coordinated. The requirement for footwork is also increased.

A lightweight Returnboard weighs only 5 kg, the Returnboard duo accordingly 10 kg. In each hand 5 kg can be easily carried.
When you buy the Returnboard DUO you save 149 € compared to the purchase of 2 pieces of lightweight Returnboard Mobil.

The assembly and disassembly is easy. The video will show you assembly and disassembly.


Counter-balls and topspins can be trained with parallel and diagonal ballways. Two returnboards expand the possibilities of playing different ball paths in a rally.

During the impact training, the generated rotation is clearly expressed when the ball bounces off the return board.
Depending on the personal skill level, the block angle is set using the LEVEL bar. The variable block angle allows training from beginner to club player.

If the block angle is closed, faster topspins can be trained with more rotation. You also close the block angle when the balls are flying over their own baseline. This can also be achieved by moving one or two boards behind the baseline. The then scored "late block" allows even faster rallies, as is extended by a block behind the baseline of the ball path. Due to the longer trajectory, the balls hit the game half earlier.
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