GEWO Rubber Codexx Pro 53 SuperSelect red 2,0 mm


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Sponge Thickness:
  • 2,0 mm
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  • 2,3 mm
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For uncompromising powerplay

Dynamic hardness, maximum speed and vicious spin. GEWO Codexx Pro 53 SuperSelect is a powerful and reliable weapon for uncom¬promising close-to-the-table players. The feedback we received from our GEWO Pro Players was more than enthusiastic as regards the power and attacking options the rubber offers. In addition, all players reported that the rubber still provides for excellent control for a rubber this hard. Thanks to the unique combination of Codexx and SuperSelect rubber designs, the GEWO Codexx Pro 53 SuperSelect performs at its best in powerful close-to-the table topspin rallies and even from mid-distance.


  • Maximum dynamics and ultimate speed for variable power play
  • Hard and precise strokes and vicious spin for players favoring rubbers with slightly tacky top sheet
  • A perfect combination of European and harder Asian rubber designs
Table tennis rubber Gewo Codexx Super Select Pro 53
Rubber Category: Pimples In
Characteristics: OF/OF+
sponge hardness: Hard
Speed: 140
Control: 77
Spin: 130
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