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Gewo Ball Box with 6 Gewo 3-Star Balls

Competitionball celluloid More details
price per unit
EUR 11.90

price per unit
EUR 11.90

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Competitionball celluloid

The ultimate competition ball for every player and every club. The GEWO *** ball is round and perfect. the new Manufacturing process produces balls of the highest durability, consistency and hardness.All GEWO*** balls are selected automatically and manually to ensure professional quality with respect to roundness, weight and stability. Every ball in every box is perfectly round and jumping with the best behavior for better feel and precision in your game.The GEWO *** ball meets the highest standards of quality. Only highest quality celluloid is used for the manufacture of GEWO *** balls. That is longevity at a very attractive price.Experience the unexpected joy of playing and bring your game to the highest level. Manufactured by probably the greatest ball manufacturer in the world. The absolute top quality in every ball.Including Safe deposit box for 6 balls.
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