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The Flippomat has proven itself in the training sessions in all age groups and different performance classes!

This applies not only to the club players of all ages but also to the school clubs and kindergarten projects. The Flippomat favors the development especially in the TT junior area enormously. In the shortest time even the pure beginners learn their flip techniques and the footwork belonging to it, because they are not under time pressure at all, they can execute the movements in slow motion, or they can pause the movement to check if everything is done correctly. Even the "banana flip" then becomes a normal recieve technique for them in no time.

The Flippomat can also be used for spin techniques, regardless of the placement. It can be half-long and even shorter placements, where the player moves his upper body slightly above table and gets a good feeling for how he can also attack half-long balls in the future, instead of just pushing every ball in this situation...here, too, quick success is guaranteed....