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SKU : 5340

Dr. Neubauer Rubber Inferno Classic

The new long pimple weapon with very good disruptive effect and suprising attacking possibilitiesINF... More details
Product Name Price Qty
Dr. Neubauer Rubber Inferno Classic, 1,0 mm, red
min. 2 Pieces
EUR 29.52
min. 10 Pieces
EUR 27.67
In stock
Delivery-Time 1–4 Working Days
Characteristics Defensiv
Rubber-Type Long Pimples
Rubber-Hardness Soft +
Speed 58
Control 85
Spin 75
price per unit
EUR 36.90

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The new long pimple weapon with very good disruptive effect and suprising attacking possibilitiesINFERNO CLASSIC is a long pimple rubber with friction offering a very good disruptive effect while blocking close to the table.The rubber enables dangerous returns both through passive and active blocking ("chop-blocking") since the ball bounces very low on the other side of the table.INFERNO CLASSIC also offers a good control and surprising attacking possibilities through aggressive pushing and lifting.INFERNO CLASSIC also enables to generate a very effective game through classical defense since the rubber produces a lot of backspin.On top of this a highly deceptive variation of chop and float balls can be produced while defending.
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