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SKU : 1278

Dr. Neubauer Rubber Domination

With this milestone in the development of reversed rubbers we have managed to include "speed glue" t... More details
Product Name Price Qty
Dr. Neubauer Rubber Domination, 1,8 mm, black
min. 2 Pieces
EUR 31.92
min. 10 Pieces
EUR 29.92
In stock
Delivery-Time 1–4 Working Days
Characteristics Allround +
Rubber-Type Pimple in
Rubber-Hardness Medium
Speed 90
Control 90
Spin 96
price per unit
EUR 39.90

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With this milestone in the development of reversed rubbers we have managed to include "speed glue" tension not only in the sponge, but also in the top sheet. The elasticity and tension thus created accelerate the ball while looping or hitting. If, however, speed glue is used then exceptional spin and speed levels are achieved. The surface of the rubber, being slightly tacky, produces a high amount of grip and therefore a good control for all offensive strokes. In combination with anti-loop or pimpled rubbers it is possible to create at the same time wobbly, disruptive balls on one side and very spinny shots on the other. With 1.5mm "Dr Neubauer Domination" becomes an excellent weapon for modern defensive or allround players.
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