Donic Rubber Desto F3 red 1,8 mm


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Sponge Thickness:
  • 1,8 mm
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  • 2,3 mm
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Donic Rubber Desto F3 the harmonic

As fast as the fastest but with more ball control and with incorporated speed glueing effect The Donic Desto F3 is somewhat faster then teh other known spin elastic rubber sheets. It´s softness and the sound of freshly glued rubber supports and harmonizes with a special touch and ball control. Players who have never used speed glue before, we advise to start with the 1,8 mm of Formula Donic. Desto F3 created especially soft and sensitive has extreme control in touch. In no case, can it be used with speed glue!!! Removing the rubber sheet from the blade could dammage the sponge. Donic does not offer any warranty for dammage caused by removing. We recommand Donic Desto F3 rubber sheets for following players: Players who are used to playing with spin elastic top sheets without the speed glue have no adjustment problems by switching to Desto F3. Players who have used speed glue until now, but would like to do without, will find that using Desto F3 offers an alternative to speed glue.

Rubber Category: Pimples In
Characteristics: OFF-
sponge hardness: Soft
Speed: 97
Control: 97
Spin: 101