der materialspezialist damping sponge red 0,8 mm


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Sponge Thickness:
  • 0,8 mm
    Stock: 2
  • 1,2 mm
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  • 1,6 mm
    Stock: 1


Damping sponge red

  • Highly speed absorbing super soft damping sponge in the color red.
  • Excellent for combining with pimple-outside, anti-top rubbers and also with pimple-inside rubbers.
  • The absorption sponge has a "smooth" and an "open-pored side".
  • The smooth surface is for gluing directly onto the blade. The open-pored side of the absorption sponge is to be glued to the selected top sheet.
  • The speed reduction increases with the thickness of the sponge, which means that the 1,6mm version of this absorption sponge has the highest speed reduction
  • Speed: 1
  • Characteristics: super soft
sponge hardness: Soft +