Customer Information


1) Provider identification
2) Customer information about the electronic contract
3) Prices
4) Terms of delivery and payment
5) Delivery time 
6) Selection and test programs
7) Warranty
8) Complaints / Dispute resolution

Customer information

1. Provider identification

CONTRA-Sport Tischtennis Service
Koschnick & Sohns GmbH
Heidekoppel 26
D-24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg
Tel.: +49 - (0)4193-99 18 20
Fax: +49 - (0)4193-99 18 99

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

If you have any complaints or problems, you can contact the phone number provided during the above periods to help you there. But you can also reach us by e-mail around the clock at the given address.
Telefon: 04193 – 99 18 15

Managing Directors: Wolfgang Sohns und Wiebke Sohns

Registered at Amtsgericht Kiel HRB 4805 NO
USt-ID Nr: DE 81 33 96 914
Steuer-Nr.: 11 292 05504

2. Customer information about the electronic contract

The following information for contracts concluded online in the context of distance selling do not represent any contractual terms. The terms of contract are contained in our terms and conditions 

2.1. Technical steps that lead to the conclusion of the contract

(a) If you have found your desired item in our online shop and have selected additional options for the item (for example, color, number, etc.), the item will be placed in the personal shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. At any time, you have the option of changing the quantity of an article under "Quantity" in the shopping cart by clicking on the respective "+" or "-" box and the "Refresh" button. To remove an article, please use the button with the recycle bin (remove article).

(b) You can select other items using the navigation features of the shop. You can see at any time by clicking on the cart window your entire cart in full detail.

(c) If you have decided to purchase the items in your personal shopping cart and if you have entered discount codes as well as coupon codes, press the button "Continue to checkout". The required information (billing and delivery address, method of payment, shipping method) must be completed by the customer in the order forms that are now being opened. In addition, comments on the order can be made.

(d) By clicking on the appropriate box, you confirm that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions and the privacy policy of our online shop. Without ticking the order process can´t be completed.

(e) By clicking on the appropriate box, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the cancellation policy. Without ticking the order process can´t be completed.

(f) After you have completed and sent the order by clicking on the "buy now" button, we will send you an e-mail confirming the receipt of your order and providing details (acknowledgment of receipt). In addition, you can immediately print the order confirmation by "print order confirmation".

(g) The purchase contract is only concluded by sending a second e-mail as an order confirmation / contract confirmation or by sending the items you have ordered. For selection and test consignments, another rule applies (see point 6).

2.2. Storage of the contract text and access for the customer 

We save your order details and send them to you by e-mail. From this order confirmation, you can access our terms and conditions and our cancellation policy by clicking on them. You can view your order details at any time under your account.

2.3. Errors 

You can correct your entries before completing the order process by using the button with the recycle bin (delete) or the buttons with the plus or minus sign (quantity change). You can also cancel the entire ordering process at any time. There is no storage of your data in this case of demolition.

2.4. Contract language

All contracts are concluded in German / English.

3. Prices

(a) All prices are inclusive of VAT. The prices are valid at the time of the order. Delivery is always on account. For price-bound items we are obliged to charge any new price bound by the supplier.

(b) Details and the validity of temporary offers (special offers) will be published in each case where they are displayed in our online shop. Despite careful stocking, it may happen that an action item is sold faster than intended. Therefore, we do not guarantee delivery. It is valid: Only while stocks last.

(c) Recalculations of the shipping and postage costs allowance (see points 4.2 and 4.4) and discounts (see points 4.3 and 4.4) are possible for returns

4. Terms of delivery and payment 

4.1. Payments

We accept bank transfer, direct debit, advance payment, cash on delivery, credit card, sofortü or PayPal. By direct debit, we grant a 2% discount within 8 days. This service is only available to customers in Germany. Deliveries to foreign countries are made only in advance by credit card or PayPal. For arrears, we deliver only on cash on delivery.

Bestellung, Lieferung & Rückversand

4.2. Shipping

All items are delivered free of postage and packaging within Germany from an invoice value of 59.00 EUR. Up to 58.99 EUR invoice value, a shipping and postage fee of 4.90 EUR will be charged. Shipping and postage costs for foreign deliveries can be found in the Shipping & Returns section under Help & Service. If the original invoice value is reduced by the customer making full or partial use of his right of withdrawal, the shipping costs are based on the value of the goods actually acquired by him.

A consumer in Germany orders two articles with a total value of 100,00 EUR. He revokes this with respect to an article with a value of 50.00 EUR. The actual purchased value of goods is then only 50.00 EUR, so that the customer has to pay the shipping and postage fee of 4.90 EUR, which will be charged to him.

Bestellung, Lieferung & Rückversand

4.3. Order discounts

We point out that order discounts are reclaimed or corrected if the consumer after a return (after revocation) no longer meets the order value required for an order discount! Should the required order value no longer be reached due to the cancellation, we can reclaim or completely charge the special items which are linked to a minimum turnover.

Bestellung, Lieferung & Rückversand

4.4. Returns

We provide free returns when using our sent DHL returns label. The additional costs for freight forwarded goods will be charged to you.

(a) Return procedure: We have made the return procedure easy for you. Your shipment will be accompanied by a return slip and a pre-made white DHL return label. First, please fill in the attachment to the return slip, separate it and attach it to your return shipment. For your return, use the box with which you received your goods. Then glue the box to the transport safe and provide it with the white DHL return label. Finally, you hand over the so-addressed and franked parcel of your post office. You will no longer pay any package fees. If you still have questions or if you want to return large devices, please contact our service office on the following number: 04193-99 18 15.

(b) Subsequent calculation of shipping costs: If you have received our delivery because of the total invoice value without calculation of shipping costs, could after returning parts of our delivery, the total invoice value (invoice less credit for the returned items) of your purchase made this under 75.00 euros , Since the shipping and postage fee is only granted for a total invoice value from 59.00 euros, we will charge the flat rate of 4.90 euros later (Section 4.3. Terms and Conditions).

(c) Subsequent recalculation of your rebate: If, due to the total bill value of a purchase, a discount based on the total billable value is granted, a lower total bill value (invoice minus credit for the returned items) may be given after returning parts of the bill no longer corresponds to the discount granted. In such a case, we will make a subsequent recalculation of the discount depending on the new total invoice value. The discount difference will be invoiced by us subsequently (Section 4.2. Conditions).

5. Delivery time

(a) The delivery period is the period between the date of delivery of the order by the consumer and the day of delivery, in advance, the period between the date of receipt of payment and the date of delivery.

We deliver immediately available items within only 1-4 working days (Monday-Saturday) with DHL parcel shipping. No delivery on Sundays or public holidays. If the last day of the period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or on a general public holiday recognized at the place of delivery, the next working day will take the place of the holiday.

(b) The applicable delivery time for your desired item, we always show you directly on each article. So, you see at a glance when you can expect the delivery. In case of delivery delays, we will inform you immediately. If, for once, an item is not in stock or can´t be delivered immediately and the delivery time is extended accordingly, this will be indicated separately on the respective item page. The delivery of tables and certain large appliances takes place after prior agreement with you by a forwarding agency.

6. Selection and test programs 

For selection and test consignments booked and delivered as such, the following applies: selection and test consignments are always calculated by us. This applies to the delivered parts, any applicable test fees and also for the enclosed DHL returns sticker. The payment is due but only after 14 days. If the customer sends back the selection or test shipment within 14 days, the purchase price for the calculated parts will be credited back to him. Only in the event that you do not return the selection or test mail within 14 days, a contract of sale is concluded. However, the test contract is already concluded upon acceptance of the selection or test mailing request by us. If you conclude a contract of at least 90.00 EUR invoice value for the parts sent to you for selection / testing after the selection or test shipment has been checked, the test fee will also be credited to you. The shipping and handling fee must be paid by you in any case once. Damaged or missing parts of the selection or test shipment are always calculated or not well-written. The right of revocation of the customer (with consumers) is not affected by these regulations and applies independently of these.

7. Warranty

For all goods from our shop, the statutory warranty applies. Details please refer to our terms and conditions.

8. Complaints / Dispute resolution 

8.1. The EU Commission provides a platform for out-of-court settlement in accordance with Art. 14 para. 1 ODR-VO. This gives consumers the opportunity to settle disputes in connection with their online order without the intervention of a court. The Dispute Settlement Platform can be reached at the external link

8.2. We do not participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

Stand: 01.06.2022