Transport Damage


1) General
2) Open transport damage
3) Hidden transport damage
4) Other information

1. General

All items from our shipping center in Henstedt-Ulzburg are checked by the shipping department and carefully packed. However, in very rare cases items of a shipment may arrive damaged or even missing. Please therefore check your delivery on receipt exactly:

• A battered or compressed carton may already indicate possible damage to the goods.

• Check the completeness of the order based on the enclosed papers, possibly a partial delivery.

If goods are obviously missing or damaged, please inform our service office immediately under +49 (0) 4193/99 18 20. It is also possible to send an e-mail to We will clarify the further procedure with you. If your notification is not received by you within five working days of receipt of the shipment, insurance companies generally reject the transportation damage.

Please do not return damaged shipments or items without contacting CONTRA, as you, the sender, then have to prove that the damages or shortages did not occur during the return shipment. In particular, it is in your own interest to use the procedures described below

• open transport damage

• hidden transport damage be sure to comply.

2. Open transport damage

In the case of already externally visible damage to the consignment, open the consignment immediately in the presence of the delivery agent. Make sure that there is no hidden transport damage. In particular, check if an item is damaged or missing.

Normally, you sign with your signature not only the takeover of the goods, but also the externally proper condition of the shipping or transport packaging without obvious defects. Therefore, in any case, have the deliverer immediately record a damage report. Have all damage to the packaging as well as delivered items accurately described and have all missing items listed exactly. To protect the evidence, photographs of the damaged consignment and the damaged items have proven to be useful.

Otherwise, claims for damages from transport damages are excluded. Alternatively, you can of course refuse to accept the shipment because of damage. Attention: A reservation regarding later complaints regarding transport damages or completeness with externally damaged shipments is legally irrelevant.

2.1. Send by Express Company

CONTRA has major equipment delivered by freight forwarders. In the case of open transport damage, please unpack the consignment in the presence of the delivering truck driver and have the damage recorded on the proof of delivery or delivery note with date and time and certified. To protect the evidence, photographs of the damaged consignment and the damaged goods have proven to be effective. Please also make a note of the license plate number of the truck. Then please inform our service office immediately under 04193/99 18 20 or

2.2. Delivery by DHL

If you discover a damage caused by a delivery by DHL, please get the form for "damage report for a package on the website of DHL or a post office or postal agency or parcel with proof (national) "and send a copy to our service office. We will then arrange the further steps.

3. Delivery by DHL

A hidden transport damage exists if it is recognized after acceptance of the shipment.

3.1. send by Express Company

Check the goods immediately upon receipt. You must report the damage within five working days of receipt of the goods to our service office at 04193/99 18 20 or Defects discovered later, resulting from improper handling during transport, are no longer recognized and replaced by the insurance companies. In doing so, you describe the damage as precisely as possible and, in any case, retain the goods, including the outer packaging and the shipping packaging, in order to check the transport damage. To protect the evidence, photographs of the damaged consignment and the damaged goods have proven to be effective. CONTRA will then contact you immediately and arrange for further action.

4. Other notes

Please note that transporters frequently try to refuse to pay for the damage. Therefore, please pay attention to what you sign on the claim form.

• If the shipment was visibly damaged on the outside and you accepted the shipment without complaint, any liability is excluded and you have to bear the damage alone.

• If the consignment was not clearly damaged externally, it is often attempted by transporters to reject claims processing. This is then justified by the fact that just because of the externally unrecognizable damage no transport damage may have been present. This indirectly implies that, as a rule, you have damaged the goods or have intentionally shipped damaged goods to CONTRA. In these cases, look for signs of impressions on the parcel, such as light imprints, and record them in the damage log. To protect the evidence, photographs of the damaged consignment and the damaged goods have proven to be effective.

• It is also frequently noticed by employees of transporters that the product packaging and other packaging material inside the shipping packaging should not have been sufficient. Our packaging has proven itself many times and transport damage is very rare at CONTRA. They are almost without exception due to improper treatment. If there are any notices in the damage report that affect the proper handling of claims, you should have a supplementary note with a corresponding counter-notification or an addition to the damage claim written down before writing or write it yourself.

• Unfortunately, the process of claim notification and damage logging is elaborate and cumbersome, but claim handling requires such handling. Despite existing transport insurance carriers in the majority of cases try to shift the debt to the sender or the recipient in order not to have to pay.