Discount Steps

discount steps * These discounts are only granted when ordering online!

Above discount levels do not apply for books, dvds, tables, robots, special priced articles.

10 rubbers special package:

Order minimum 10 rubbers and you get an unbelievable 30% discount on these rubbers. This special is only valid on ordering minimum 10 rubbers. Additional items like blades, textiles etc. will be discounted with the percentage of the corresponding discount level.

Club special (Advantage for Clubs and Teams):

On ordering 6 textile pieces of one kind (shirts or shorts or tracksuits) you get 25% discount on all textiles in our assortment*

* Not valid for special offers and running off articles.

Complete Bat Special Package:

On ordering a complete bat with our bat configurator we grant 20% discount on all discountable components (blade AND rubbers).