Our History

On 25th August, 1980 CONTRA-Sport was founded in Hamburg. Our first establishment was CONTRA Tischtennis, Beim Schlump 55. On 55 sqm we offered our articles in a very small shop. That shop does still exist. It was our object to get a h3 regional supplier.



We opened our branch "Hübbesweg" including the first table tennis school on 400 sqm. There we started our first activities in mailorder business all over Germany. In the same year Hanjo Zuch who admittedly is a material expert joined our company. Up to now he is part of our team.


We opened our first shop away from Hamburg in the table tennis school in Grenzau. Andreas Holz from Hamburg lead the shop then. In 1988 he took the shop over and still leads it up to now. In close cooperation with TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau we established for the first time in professionel sports.


We took over the SchÖler & Micke branch Wiesendamm. On two floors the mailorder business was extended. Supported by a modern computer system. Our business got larger and larger and within short time we had too little space.


We moved with our central to Steilshoop. On 500 sqm we had enough space for our mailorder business. Our branch Wiesendamm is up to now our second shop in Hamburg.


We started to supply our first shops nationwide. We had nine employees all active table tennis players.


We started a cooperation with the Bundesliga club VfB Lübeck and opened a shop in Lübeck together with Claus Mattern.


Even our rooms in Steilshoop got too small and we had first plans to build up our own stock- and administration center in Schleswig-Holstein.

In February 1995 we moved to our new headquarter which is on 3000 sqm area. On 1000 sqm we built up one of the highly developed mailorder houses of Europe. We have more than 5000 different items on stock. We do daily despatch more than 200 package to our worldwide clientele. More than 65 shops in Germany and Europe are among our customers. 12 employees treat our customers friendly, competent and reliable. Although we were small when we started in 1980 our philosophy remained the same:

"The customer is our number one".

Personal treatment is at first position. Yesterday like today.