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SKU : 3127

BoF Blade V3 Blade All+

The V3 Blade is a really excellent processed wood for all players with normal technology, looking fo... More details
Product Name Price Qty
BoF Blade V3 Blade All+, straight
In stock
Delivery-Time 1–4 Working Days
Characteristics Allround +
Layers 3+2
Weight (g) 75
Speed 90
Control 96
price per unit
EUR 42.90

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The V3 Blade is a really excellent processed wood for all players with normal technology, looking for all feeling a bit more power without losing control.Lightweight round blade with super light balsa. Soft and sentimental at the ready. Longer perceived by the ball contact will automatically increase the impact of safety and precision.The balance point is selected at the V3 blade balanced. The V3 blade can be controlled both by talented young people and for ambitious players of the middle class well. The superior ball control, the perfect ball feedback and balanced game features are undoubtedly the most important criteria for this category Allround-/Offensiv the Topblade.Players who make their topspin still want to retain control to be reached by V3 Blade significant progress in their skill level. Ideal for the modern, varied topspin game.Feel the V3Blade the plus of control that is also forgiving times a technical error. Try now - it's worth it.
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Weight (g):
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