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SKU : 8602

GEWO Bat Rave Game

Very good table tennis racket for the advanced beginners and hobby player. More details
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GEWO Bat Rave Game, flared
Out of stock
Available from Jun 8, 2020
Characteristics Allround
Speed 75
Control 70
Caution prolonged delivery time
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EUR 9.90

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Very good table tennis racket for the advanced beginners and hobby player.
The GEWO RAVE GAME with 2.0 mm thick GEWO RAVER rubbers guarantees fast shots with very good control. The handle design of the GEWO SENSETISE-Grip-System provides an intense grip and keeps the racket in the hand.

Technical specifications

GEWO RAVE GAME table tennis rackets with GEWO RAVER rubber beginner toppings
The GEWO RAVE GAME table tennis racket consists of 5 specially-glued plywood veneers.
The sponge thickness of the GEWO RAVE GAME table tennis racket is 2.0 mm.
The GEWO SENSETISE-Grip-System guarantees an intense grip.
The GEWO RAVE Game weighs 180 grams.
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