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GEWO Hoodie Parla

SKU: 11325

GEWO Hoodie Parla
Lightweight hoodie for the transition! You'll almost always cut a good figure in the Parla hoodie. The chic, contemporary Parla looks great at table tennis and also on a warm spring evening at a barbecue (e.g. combined with black jeans). The hoodie is perfect for the transitional period between the cold and warm seasons. Sometimes the thermal performance of standard sweat materials or standard synthetic fibre materials is simply too high, but the temperatures are still too low for a T-shirt. For these times, there are so-called transitional garments. Hoodie Parla in grey-melange and black is a transitional hoodie that is ideal for sports. The close-fitting hoodie made of lightweight material is not bulky, is great to combine with other sportswear and keeps you warm when it's still too cold for short-sleeved shirts and shorts during training. Naturally, the modern synthetic fibre from Parla offers you all the freedom of movement you need to perform at your best. Hoodie Parla is grey-melange with a black zip, black cuffs and black hood cord. Combined with black tracksuit bottoms or black shorts, it creates a clean and stylishly understated look for sports. Combined with black jeans or chinos and white trainers, Parla also looks great for going to the cinema, to the office or to a meeting with friends. The modern cut leaves plenty of space for printing your favourite motifs on the right side of the chest and/or on the back of the hoodie. Parla is a well-designed and practical training jacket that is ideal for everyday wear. The black embroidered GEWO logo blends unobtrusively into the design of the jacket and rounds off the hoodie's "as if made from one piece" look. Two piped zip pockets offer secure storage space for your front door keys, wallet and/or smartphone. With this print flexibility, the GEWO Hoodie Parla is very well suited as a sports textile for individual players, teams and/or as club equipment. Details Light material Close-fitting cut Optimum printability Lots of freedom of movement Jacket with zip Jacket with adjustable hood and two zip pockets Accent colour cuffs, zip and cord: black Easy-care synthetic fibre Cuffed hem on the sleeves and body part Ideal for the transition period
grey melange

€29.90* RRP €54.90
GEWO Rubber Nexxus EL Pro 48 SuperSelect

SKU: 10563

GEWO Rubber Nexxus EL Pro 48 SuperSelect
GEWO Nexxus SuperSelect - The Pro Player rubbers meeting even the highest requirements. Due to the highly complex production process, these rubbers were only available to the GEWO top contract players until now! SuperSelect stands for carefully selected processing quality, constant playing features and characteristics, and lasting speed and spin ratings. A special gluing and production method ensures that our SuperSelect rubbers meet the high demands by professional players like Quadri Aruna (ranked top 15 in the world) and Alvaro Robles, runner-up world champion in men’s double. Players who can handle the speed and excellent energy transfer will enjoy this new attacking weapon which leaves nothing to be desired. High-speed, spin-loaded attacking and counterattacking will come easy and almost without effort thanks to the two technology innovations Super Select Transmission Tec (SSTT) and Optimized Trajectory Tec (OTT) which form the basis of GEWO’s new offensive masterpieces. GEWO’s new ProPlayer level high-end rubber for players on their way to the top! GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 SuperSelect The smallest details make the difference – the ultimate solution for your play. This SuperSelect variant is slightly more flexible and variable; it is the perfect choice for players looking for medium-hardness rubbers with maximum performance. The highly tacky top rubber sheet and the power-loaded sponge in combination with the special gluing technique guarantee maximum speed and spin ratings and still provide sufficient control for passive playing situations. Players feeling comfortable in mid-distance rallies in addition to close-to-the table situations will enjoy GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 SuperSelect and the clear, powerful sound it produces when you hit the ball perfectly. Player type / features: Ideal for spin-oriented players with good technique Maximum catapult, spin and ultimate speed for a rubber of the medium-hard sponge segment Powerplay from mid-distance and close to the table without loss of speed and control Optimized Trajectory Tec (OTT) The new GEWO Nexxus SuperSelect rubbers are designed to meet even the highest requirements as regards acceleration and stability. Our goal was to develop a more compact sponge texture making the rubber more dynamic and elastic without increasing its weight. The new Optimized Trajectory Tec (OTT) is the innovative outcome of this development. More elastic air cells in the medium-pore sponge (SuperSelect Sponge Cells) provide for a flexible and dynamic feel despite the hardness and save weight at the same time. As a result, a higher density is reached in the sponge, which not only yields more spin and dynamics but also provides for a longer ball trajectory. Optimized Trajectory Tec (OTT) is the key for state-of-the art, high-performance table tennis in combination with hard and dynamic sponges. Super Select Transmission Tec (SSTT) Our brand-new Super Select Transmission Tec system (SSTT) stands for optimum transfer of spin and speed onto the ball. The new surface properties enable easy blocking and counterattacking of spin-loaded topspins with a flat ball trajectory avoiding unforced errors. Thanks to the special rubber mixture which guarantees a longer dwell time of the ball, your own topspin attacks still come easy and will present a tough challenge for many of your opponents. DGC40+ 2.0 DGC40+ 2.0 stands for consistent, reliable coupling upon ball contact, and the grippy surface prevents “slipping” of the ball. The introduction of the latest ball generation (e.g. GEWO Select Pro 40+ ***) called for a further development and adaptation of rubber top sheets resulting in the DGC40+ “Dynamic-Grip-Concept” 2.0. The top sheet was specially developed for and adjusted to the requirements of the latest ball generations. If you don’t go forward, you go backwards! Elastic Rubber The EL rubber (Elastic Rubber), despite its compactness provides for great ball contact feedback and a unique feel. All rubbers of this series are made for spin. The pimple heads in the rubber are arranged at a smaller distance from one another, and they are slightly thicker than in EL rubbers. When it comes to generating spin, the DGC40+ 2.0 top sheet unfolds its true strength (highly reliable coupling and maximum spin), as it provides for a slightly larger contact area upon ball contact. Enjoy a new experience!
T 134,
K 88,
E 126

€46.90* RRP €62.90
GEWO Set Robot Omega Nexxt  + 1x Robot Bag + 1x Ball Training 72er

SKU: 112510000

GEWO Set Robot Omega Nexxt + 1x Robot Bag + 1x Ball Training 72er
From now on, practice is going smart. With Gewo Omega Nexxt, high-end training technology is finally available for all of us, designed to revolutionize your practice sessions on any performance level, from beginners to professionals. With its innovative and user-friendly control, the Omega Nexxt sets a new standard in the table tennis robot market. The free Power Pong app (available for iOS and Android) offers you unknown ways of planning and designing your practice sessions on your smartphone or tablet (not included); just connect your device to Gewo Omega Nexxt via Bluetooth and start practicing. The 45 pre-programmed exercises are available once the robot is set up for the first time, so you can start practicing right away, from the most basic beginners’ techniques to complex rallies for advanced players. In the app, you will find links to example videos of all pre-programmed exercises starring young professional players showing the correct technique and execution of the exercise. Thanks to the innovative Drag & Drop control, ball placement can be adjusted to your needs easily within a few seconds. The app will calculate the required delivery height of the head automatically based on the required placement and the selected speed and spin settings. New features will be added to the Power Pong app at regular intervals. Ready for the next level of table tennis practice? Features: Up to 120 balls per minute Up to 8 balls per exercise 25 different speed settings 169 different spin settings Individually selectable ball placement, speed spin and trajectory In random mode, the order of the balls of an exercise will be randomly set. With the mirror function, you can switch between left- and right-handers easily. With IFC (Individual Frequency Control) you can adjust the timing between the individual balls of your exercise You may also want to design your own exercise using the app Share your own exercises with friends, trainers or players Manage your exercises by using names, tags and the integrated search function to keep track of even hundreds of exercises Sample feature to test your ball settings Sufficient memory for countless exercises (depending on your terminal device) 45 pre-programmed exercises Interval training with defined action/rest intervals Grouping feature enables you to select a group of exercises to be run in the defined order Adjustable head to simulate different match situations Suitable/recommended for tables with a slab thickness between 9mm and 25mm Remote control included (for starting/stopping the robot and adjusting the ball delivery speed) Ball collection net included 30 months warranty View operating instructions

€1,898.00* RRP €2,163.70
LI-NING Professional mens table tennis shoe Ma Long

SKU: 11497

LI-NING Professional mens table tennis shoe Ma Long
Li-Ning table tennis shoe Ma Long Limited - The shoe of the champion - APPR019-1 Li-Ning is a well-known brand in the table tennis world and the Ma Long Limited table tennis shoe is an exclusive and limited edition inspired by the Chinese table tennis champion Ma Long. This shoe has been specially developed for table tennis players who play at the highest level and require a high level of performance and comfort. The Ma Long Limited table tennis shoe has a special shock absorption technology that reduces the strain on the feet during the game. The breathable material ensures good ventilation and prevents perspiration to keep your feet cool and dry during play. The sole is made of a special rubber compound that provides excellent traction on the table tennis floor to enable fast and precise movements. In addition, the integrated carbon plate in the midsole provides improved torsional stability. The exclusive design of the Ma Long Limited table tennis shoe is inspired by Chinese elements (dragon patterns) and gives the shoe a unique aesthetic. The Chinese characters on the heel and the colour combinations of the shoes are a tribute to Chinese table tennis culture and to Ma Long himself. Overall, the design elements reflect the fast and flexible playing style of "Team Dragon". The polygonal texture of the outsole as dragon scales complements the overall design of the Ma Long shoe. Technology: Carbon-Fiber Plate Li-Ning Boom

€149.90* RRP €169.90

Robot Omega Nexxt


With the GEWO Omega Nexxt, the latest training technology is finally available for the home. It was designed to revolutionise training for every level of player, from beginner to professional. With an innovative and user-friendly control system, the Omega Nexxt sets new standards in the operation of table tennis robots.


Robot Omega Nexxt


With the GEWO Omega Nexxt, the latest training technology is finally available for the home. It was designed to revolutionise training for every level of player, from beginner to professional. With an innovative and user-friendly control system, the Omega Nexxt sets new standards in the operation of table tennis robots.



STIGA Blade Cybershape Clipper

SKU: 11326

STIGA Blade Cybershape Clipper
Cybershape Clipper - a blade with a good balance between speed and control Bigger sweet spot higher up on the blade to provide more powerful shots without sacrificing control. Offensive table-tennis blade with 7 layers of exclusive wood and the unique Cybershape design. Recognized for its speed and used by many top players. Fast blade with the unmistakable STIGA feel and a larger, optimal hitting surface. Ideal for experienced players looking for extra “Touch” in every shot. Exclusive lenses in stainless steel. Ever since its release back in 1981, the Clipper Wood blade has been enormously popular among top players owing to its speed. The Clipper Wood was developed in close cooperation with the Chinese national team and was designed for players who want extra power in their shots. This offensive classic, with 7 layers of exclusive wood and the legendary STIGA feel, is now available in a new version with the unique Cybershape design. With Clipper Cybershape, you’ll have not only a speed blade and renowned playing characteristics; you also get the popular Cybershape design with a larger, optimal hitting surface and a centre of gravity that’s higher on the blade. The higher sweet spot means that you can achieve more stable impact and more powerful shots without sacrificing control – offering advantages that can’t be found in a traditional blades. Clipper Cybershape is excellent for players looking for a blade that offers more power in every shot.
T 97,
K 85





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